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Ongoing Direction To Creative Inspiration.

As part of the Advanced Diploma, we are looking into research for applying concepts and theories for Creativity. They are basically methods or procedures for applying a creative approach to any problem you have at hand. From art to advertising, banking to bricklaying, crafts to commerce. They like to use mnemonics like; the 3 "R's" (refer, reflect, reconstruct) or the 4 "P's" (the product, the people, the process, the press/pressure). So this article is looking at my ongoing creative approach to tapping into what I believe is an ever-present, abundant, natural resource.

Digital design for my creative thought process, using an encoded object (compass). The physical object will be a clock (with an image of a compass on it) thus adding the dimension of time (ongoing).

As I already use a type system, all that I needed to do was translate it for use within a thought system. I have chosen the 4 "A's" as my Mnemonic. It starts with ASK. From a certain perspective this may sound like praying, the big difference would be I am not asking for anything specific. And I have no concern about the result. I need help to best express...whatever I am dealing with .i.e, a new painting. Ideas may rush in or you may find yourself sitting for a longer period, be receptive. Take the tsunami or the single tread and ABSORB. This means research or soak up every aspect of the subject matter. If it’s a tsunami you may have to edit if it is a single idea you may have to make associations that bring about different perspectives on the idea.

Then I ASSESS. What materials will best express this? What is at hand? Can I combine ideas? It is an internal dialogue and a sort of “circling your wagons”. You need to take your time and sort through all the information. I always try to simplify wherever possible, my use of figures in my artwork is a good example. If it reads as a figure then why go into detail unless it is not working or expressing what you want. The final part of my process is ACT! After doing the research and assess the ideas and materials, eventually have to make application of it. You gotta do it. How else will you know? In the process, all the other A’s may need to be used again. That’s why it’s a compass. If you don’t keep “checking in” you will end up walking around in circles.

Examples of simplifying an idea visually

Creating Should Be Enjoyable

Part of my process has come about because of the Mind training of A Course In Miracles, the other part is that I put my Trust in the inspiration that is given to me. Creativity for me is enjoyment, which may or may not show externally, so I am mindful that if I have lost the joy I need to step back and ASK. It’s as simple as consulting my compass. I know full well that the inspiration, while not separate from me, does not come from me. It is made manifest through me because of need and receptivity. I need help, am I willing to receive it?

Sometimes simple, sometimes complex but always available but for the asking, because that which is unseen is always looking to be made manifest. Not because IT needs to BE seen but because YOU need to know that you are not alone. And that comes about through sharing. You can not share what you do not have. I don’t want to get too esoteric here but it’s quite obvious that you can not give what you don’t have. So the question would be “what do you have?” You are already teaching what you have simply because reality IS shared. I want to share with you that Creative Inspiration is ever-present and available if you are willing to ask and listen but then act. Being willing to be shown is a good measure of your need. Joy, a great measure of your success. Remember it's ongoing. Have fun creating.

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