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My practice and all the artwork in this virtual Cloud art Gallery, has been inspired by the Spiritual Masterpiece A Course In Miracles.

My artwork is a visual expression of a Spiritual Solution, that I found through Teaching A Course In Miracles. Just like you, I struggled with my identity and finding a sense of purpose in this world. I travelled and sort for answers in religion and drugs and relationships and the many distractions the world has to offer. Nothing worked. Yet there is a solution, it’s a Spiritual Solution. I try to show my process with visual diaries, as I explore with symbols, color, sound, pixels, and paint, a vision that looks beyond the material world.

"All things you see are images because you look on them as through a barrier which dims your sight and warps your vision so that you behold nothing with clarity. The light is kept from everything you see. At most, you glimpse a shadow of what lies beyond. At least you merely look on darkness, and perceive the terrified imaginings that come from guilty thoughts and concepts born of fear. And what you see is hell, for fear IS hell. All that is given you is for release; the sight, the vision and the inner Guide all lead you out of hell with those you love beside you, and the universe with them."
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"The art of mastering life is the prerequisite for all further forms of expression, whether they are paintings, sculptures, tragedies, or musical compositions." Paul Klee

A big thank you to Maurice Tuchman who showed me I was not alone in wanting to express a Spiritual solution and opening my eyes to the hundreds of other great, spiritually inspired artists.

All Artwork is for Sale. Enjoy looking around the site!

Artwork from The Cloud Gallery © 2014 by Tony Schaefer is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0
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