Visual Diaries

Undoing The Puzzle. Picture for Visual Diary, containing visual diary from diploma of art classes.

Visual Diaries As Inspiration

This page contains links to the Visual Diaries I am required to keep as part of the visual arts diploma and also for my Degree in Fine Art. At the end of each semester, I will be adding work done over that time. Visual Diaries can be an important way to show how a work transformed or changed direction. It can remind you of how an artwork was inspired and the process of how it came about. It has been a good habit to get into and using visual diaries can also inspire new work based on past exercises or practices that were successful.

Visual Diaries As History

A lot of artists never kept Visual Diaries and because of that, their techniques and processes have been lost to us. That is what I love about Paul Klee, he was a teacher and an Artist and it is quite easy to follow his experiments, failures, and success because he took notes, visual diaries. While I would never want documentation to get in the way of creative expression, I have found it very helpful to be able to “look back” at the way a particular artwork has evolved.

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I also have links at the bottom of the page to other projects I am doing.

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BA (Fine Art) Curtin University
Unit – VSW34
Unit – VSW33
Unit – VSW32
Unit – VSW31
Unit – VSW 25
Unit – VSW 24
Unit – VSW 23
Unit – VSW 22

Advanced Diploma

Final Semester – Advanced Diploma

3rd Semester – Thursday

3rd Semester – Friday (Business Notes)

2nd Semester – Thursday
2nd Semester – Friday

1st Semester – Thursday
1st Semester – Friday

2nd Year Diaries

3rd & 4th Semester + Small Wins Diary
2nd Semester – Thursday & Friday
1st Semester – Thursday & Friday

1st Year Diaries

4th Semester Visual Diary

3rd Semester Visual Diary

2nd Semester Visual Diary

1st Semester Visual Diary

Other Diploma Projects

Christmas Projects 2015/16

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