Art Books

Digital artwork. Part of self as archetype series. Place here on the art book page as a design element.

Art Books That Inspire

These are PDF art books from other Artists who have had an impact or influence on my recent art practice. As an artist I am always looking for inspiration and a connection of how I can express a new vision, art books have become a great resource. Whenever I come across a well written art book, that inspires my artistic expression I will add those art book here, as PDF’s. Of course my biggest inspiration is A Course In Miracles, which would be the Art of Awakening.

I also have my Visual Diaries as PDF’s, from my diploma of visual art classes, which can viewed online.

If you know of great art books from artists or writers that inspired you please let me know and I will check them out and maybe add them to this art book page.

If you would like to read a wonderful expression of an Awakened Mind – Emerson Essays- Circles is a must – Click Here

I highly recommend a book which is not available as a PDF but can be purchased online or borrowed from a library – “The Spiritual In Art – Abstract Painting – 1890-1985”.

Also Paul Klee – Notebook 1 – The Thinking Eye.
and Paul Klee – Notebook 2 – The Nature of Nature.
(both books are large files so please be patient, while they load)

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