About The Artwork

The Work.

This virtual exhibition space is a perfect platform to show what is happening for me, in terms of my art practice. I like to research an idea and look at it from has many angles as possible. Then I try to break it down into as simple a symbol that will best represent that idea. The use of colour and many principles of dynamic symmetry, are used as a facade or entry point. From there I use symbols, Colour and recurring Motifs to entice a broader conversation.

I enjoy exploring alternate perspectives and breaking up the picture plane which represents alternate spaces/times. Also a more recent “old” idea is one of flattening the perspective in an attempt to express “infinity” and ideas of a 4th dimension. Kandinsky would suggest that these “alternate spaces” are more concrete than the one we see with our eyes.

What’s The Artwork About?

My artwork draws from A Course In Miracles it’s inspiration, which opened my eyes and assisted in Transforming how I look on myself and the world. My experiences and understanding of the teachings of A Course In Miracles, have had a profound effect on me and the way I think. I have always questioned the nature of things and when you find the place you’re in makes absolutely no sense, you’ll be ready for “something else”. That “something else” is right next to the nightmare you are tolerating now, but you have to let go of this in order to experience that. My artwork attempts to use the symbols of This, to point to That.

This virtual exhibition space displays my artwork my writing and books that have inspired my artwork. I have added visual diaries as part of my recent studies. New artwork and articles are being added all the time so watch this space. I encourage you to participate in a critique or comment on any of the work or question me in any regard to my Arts practice or my experiences of A Course In Miracles.

How Can I Purchase The Artwork?

All of my Artwork, except those in “The Archive”, are available to purchase. So when work gets sold I will archive it.
Please CONTACT ME, if you are interested in owning any artwork.

You can also Donate using “bitcoinSV”.

Perhaps being a patron of the arts, acknowledged or anonymous, would be something you’d prefer.
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I hope you enjoy using this unique virtual exhibition space. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you swing by again.

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