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Photo of the artistTony Schaefer – Artist
Ph: 0439 964946
Presently Living in South Grafton, N.S.W Australia.

As an artist, expressing my vision of self discovery and spiritual awakening is what I endeavour to do. Along with questioning perceptions and beliefs about the world and a self that seems separate in that world. I use the over simplified figure to represent the Self as archetype. This figure will also act as witness, projector/creator and sometimes as a passive, compositional device. The larger figure represents God or Source, ever present yet is not contained within or by the picture itself. My art is a way to explore and express, what ultimately isn’t for the mainstream, a vision of reality unbound by the constraints of time, space and a body identity. I have been influenced by Klee and Kandinsky and the design of dynamic symmetry.

Looking at the belief that you are NOT bound by time, space or body identity. Acrylic on Canvas 75 x 100cm

Looking at the belief that you are NOT bound by time, space or body identity.
Acrylic on Canvas 75 x 100cm

My Life As An Artist

My earliest recollections of drawing are on my bedroom walls, which I was later made to clean off. I remember eye balls and roads going into the distance, with telephone posts disappearing at the horizon. The next thing would be in high school when the art teacher asked me to drop the class as it had too many students. I was quite adamant that I wanted to do art.
And then there was the night class at Grafton TAFE. All the students chipped in $20 each to buy a 4 x 5 foot canvas. I recall standing in front of that pure white, canvas for the longest time, completely paralysed. I was so afraid of “ruining” it. With some gentle nudging I finally made some marks and never looked back. That teacher also encouraged me to apply to art school.


Graduated from EAST SYDNEY TECH COLLEGE (National Art School) Fine Arts Certificate – Credit Grade.

Late 1980’s

Restless, I moved around Australia, living in different places and working at a bunch of odd jobs. I had seen some things in Sydney that really had me questioning the ways things are and my place and purpose in all of it.


I have worked for the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Grafton Regional Gallery. As well as helping with shows at The Sherman Gallery and The Art Gallery Of N.S.W.
Continuing to draw and paint whenever possible, I have produced one off works in different mediums, usually paintings, ever since leaving art school. Most of the paintings and artwork from this period, (some can be seen in The Archives) belong to my family and friends.


Having become disenchanted as an artist, along with the whole art industry, I left Sydney looking for “something else”. Shortly afterwards I came across A Course In Miracles, which took me to America and a Journey that continues today. I underwent a spiritual awakening experience that completely transformed the way I see myself and the world around me. This transformative process stripped me of everything that was not True and gave me back everything I thought I had to give up. Nearly 20 years later I now find myself, back in Australia with my wife, a new vision and a renewed passion for Art.


I have started this website ( https://thecloudgallery.org ) in an effort to work again as an artist and with other artists. Showing my work and sharing my vision. I want my artwork to express my transformation and explore how we see and what the True nature of Reality is. It isn’t a new idea, to want to express what many say is inexpressible, but that is my goal.The inspiration that drives my work is deep within each and every one of us and simply needs to be listened to and Trusted.


Enrolled in the Diploma of Visual Arts at Coffs Harbour TAFE.
I found and am completely immersed in Paul Klees’ NOTEBOOKS VOL. 1&2. And also Kandinskys “Concerning The Spiritual In Art” a wonderful read and both having a great effect on me and my work. Over the course of this year I painted around 15 or so paintings, many digital drawings and works on paper, along with a few sculptures and photographs.


Started the year with 3 works using the butterfly to symbolise spiritual transformation.Me at TAFE with Paintings
Doing the 2nd year of the Diploma of Visual Arts at Coffs Harbour TAFE.

Have started building my own stretchers, using “Golden Rectangle” ratios. Experimenting with making my own Gesso. Having a blast designing work around principles of dynamic symmetry.

Graduated with Distinction.
Received a TAFE Award of Excellence.


Started the  Advanced Diploma of Visual Art.

Reading “The Spiritual In Art – Abstract Painting – 1890-1985”. Wonderful articles, amazing information and fascinating artwork.

Started a new series of artwork 1600mm square on linen. The idea that has been percolating since Christmas. The series is called “The Hum of Eternity”, and has a sound component, which is an attempt to bring sound to painting, yet done in such a way that most people will not recognize. It comes from this section of text from A Course In Miracles.

Finished Advanced Diploma of Visual Art


Enrolled at Curtin University, through OUA, For the Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art).

First Solo show at a small gallery at Artspace on 45 Coramba, N.S.W. A big thank you to Meg and Matt!
(p.s. – All these paintings went to TAFE Skillspoint Hub in Coffs Harbour [Seen here] for the opening event.)

Working on a new series of painting which all have a sound component, you can read more here >>CLICK ME<<


Continuing with 3rd year units for the BA at Curtin University. Check out some of the Visual Diaries from the course.

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  1. Heather Roland
    May 21, 2016 at 6:02 pm

    I liked your website. Keep your positivity and creativity as you go through the year.

  • May 21, 2016 at 10:49 pm

    Thank you for stopping by Heather and thank you so much for the afternoon tea.

  • November 7, 2017 at 12:43 am

    Tony! I love your work, and esp. that you are portraying your spirit’s experience thru art. I alo like Klee a lot. Plus quite a few other styles. I have been trying to do this too, bring thee experience of light thru the work. As you say, not mainstream. Only a few have a clue what I’m trying to transmit. Most seem to like the dark stuff thats out there. I googled ‘fear of love’ (fascinating topic) just now in ACIM for an explanation. Your urtext page came up. Bit frustratung that it does not say what page. (I have the CE version-robert perry’s. ) I tried Contacting you a few yrs ago, but you were in busy transition. I’m having a gradual awakening in past few yrs of intense involvement , personally with ACIM. Study ans sit with it daily for 4-5 yrs now. FIP. I would LOVE to talk, and also , join you , possibly in art sharing.? My web is: leslybenditsky.ca. There are some new ones Not on there tho, its a taste. Its all about this awakening process. Would like to send some pics of my newer more geometric ones, as they are so experimental. I have VERY few with whom I can talk to these days about Course or art. I’m On a kind of quiet healing retreat. I’m in Atlantic Canada. You had given me a name of a kind engineer woman in kansas or madison or somewhere who was new to Course and had studied with you. I like wise/old/experienced. Can’t remember her name. Anyway, hope we can communicate. Blessings

    • November 7, 2017 at 10:44 pm

      Hi Lesly, Glad you like the artwork.
      There is a book called “The Spiritual In Art – Abstract Painting – 1890-1985”. It’s a very good read, and surprised me in the amount of artists who aspired to represent the spiritual. E-mail me anytime you like about ACIM.

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