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The art of mastering life is the prerequisite for all further forms of expression, whether they are paintings, sculptures, tragedies, or musical compositions.Paul Klee.

In order to support the new frontier of a Peer-to-Peer, Decentralised, Global/Local Community, I am only taking #bitcoincash (#BCH) Donations for my artwork.

Your donation is also supporting the idea that artists fufill a role in society. Micro-payments, for content and work, that come from community members like yourself show us we have support. I will continue to create artwork, write articles and share what I have learned. This new world of Global/Local, peer-to-peer electronic cash economy, will moblize a whole part of the world wide community that has heretofore been left out of the global market place. Through the use of the bitcoincash network it will thrive, without need for third party control or intervention, and encourage more and more people to join and share their experience through all types of creative endeavours.

I don’t want or need a hand out, but I do need a hand. Any contribution is totally appreciated. Leave a comment of support, share my website, join the bitcoincash (BCH) network or donate. With your donation you will receive an artwork of some kind. If you would like a particular artwork, you will need to let me know.

Welcome to the future.
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